All-in-One digital food management

Effective Food Management for Hospitality

The Sensire platform is designed to meet the needs of modern hotels, restaurants, and catering businesses. We help you to optimize and automate quality management processes through digitalization and offer unique visibility into your operation for extensive savings.

The synergy between our platform's various components and services provides a true view of your business with complete transparency and control. Gain actionable insights that help to increase food safety and efficiency while saving overall costs.

Solution to help

Save Costs

  • Smart waste management to reduce costs
  • Avoid potential loss of inventory
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Be compliant with the regulations
Task management

Save Time

  • Task Management for consistent processes
  • Fast onboarding procedure 
  • Reduce onsite visits
  • Scaling with your business
No data loss

Automating Processes

  • 24/7 temperature monitoring
  • Remove the risk of human error
  • Centralized dashboard for real-time visibility
  • Reduce auditing & reporting time
Solution to

Protect your Brand 

  • Maintain high brand standards
  • Ensure food safety to protect customers
  • Enforce tasks and react to real-time alerts
  • Brand unity across all sites and countries

How to digitalize your restaurants and kitchens?

We help to optimize and automate your quality management processes and offer unique visibility into your day-to-day operation. Click the video to see more!


Easy cloud management 

Our cloud-powered dashboard is the central hub to view and manage your entire operation. Forget about digging through files and spending hours on the phone to get the correct audit information The dashboard provides decision-makers with consistently accurate data for immediate decision-making.


Your digital checklist 

Create flexible digital checklists and workflows with our task management solution. Make sure everything is done correctly and on time with easy step-by-step guidance - even for new employees!

24/7 Temperature monitoring

Automatic temperature monitoring is your first layer of defense when it comes to losing inventory and fighting food waste. Get instant alerts in case of deviations to arrange for corrective actions. Avoid time-consuming and error-prone manual recordings. Gain complete confidence in your temperature monitoring and save money by optimizing appliance temperatures.

Instant Alerts

Hear what our hospitality customers have to say

''We receive data through Sensire’s sensors on our fridges and food temperatures online. This saves us time when we need to go through the necessary data. We use Sensire’s mobile app to create tasks and guide our daily workflow. The tasks can be easily copied to other locations, making it scalable with our company needs.''

"Sensire is our daily driver for many processes around the hotel. The automatic temperature monitoring has not only been a time but also life saver. The solution gave us the visibility we needed to update ourprocesses.Sensire helped Hotel Arthur bring visibility to hundreds of recorded measurements. Once they started to analyze the collected data within the Sensire cloud environment, they were able to improve their processes and decrease deviations."

Stressless management

Start saving with Sensire!

Join hundreds of successful hospitality customers in achieving their business goals with our solution. The SaaS model makes getting up and running quick and easy. Start saving today!

The all-in-one solution for your food management needs.

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