Efficient centralized kitchen solution

Improving Operational Efficiency & Food Safety

The Sensire platform is designed to meet the needs of modern commercial kitchens and food service operators. We help you to optimize and automate quality management processes through digitalization and offer unique visibility into your operation for extensive savings.

Our platform's various components and services provide a true view of your business with full transparency and control. Gain actionable insights that help to increase food safety and efficiency while saving overall costs.

Condition monitoring

Ensure Food Safety 

  • 100% digital and automated - no paperwork
  • Wireless IoT sensor technology
  • Real-time alarms (SMS/email) in case of deviations
  • Prevent unnecessary food waste

Brand Protection

  • Ensure brand unity across all locations
  • Maintain high brand standards
  • Create overall visibility
  • Ensure safe food to protect customers

Compliant every day 

  • Automatically meet regulatory requirements
  • Complete traceability and accountability
  • Generate audit reports with the touch of a button
  • Brand protection across all locations
Stress-free reporting

Audits and Dashboards

  • Simple dashboards show a complete picture
  • Identify trends across locations and staff 
  • Full audit trail for all recorded data
  • Create custom reports anytime and anywhere

How does our digital food management help you to achieve?

Watch this 2 minutes video from our customer interview to find out more! 

Smart and reliable condition monitoring

Our smart and reliable sensors are the perfect size to fit all appliances, ready for automatic condition monitoring. Real-time data provides you with real-time visibility. Get instant alerts in case of deviations to immediately arrange corrective actions. Avoid losing inventory with complete confidence in your temperature monitoring system.


Ensuring food safety and quality

Gain complete control of food safety and quality processes in your kitchen. Be sure to meet regulatory requirements every single day and be confident in the status of your operation. We remove the stressful parts of your job so you can focus on the critical tasks!

Easy central cloud management

Our cloud provides you with quick and easy centralized management possibilities from anywhere. Stay on top of your temperature monitoring, task performance of all locations, alarms, waste amounts, and much more. In case of deviations, you can intervene immediately to prevent severe damages and loss. Sit back and relax while the cloud takes care of everything.

customize from different locations

Hear what our customers in Centralized Kitchens say

”Polkka delivers meals to around 700 customers in Joensuu and Liperi. The customers of this home delivery service are elderly people living alone. The idea behind the delivery tracking system is to let the customer’s next of kin know that the meal delivery has been successful, which lessens their worry over a loved one. The system sends an e-mail to the next of kin, when the delivery driver logs the delivery completed by reading a barcode at the customer’s home. This also leaves a record in Sensire’s system with the date & time oo delivery.”

”With more than 140 locations and hundreds of users, there’s going to be all kinds of people in that group. Sensire has helped us to get a big leap from what we used to do. The feedback we’ve received from our employees has been positive, they have been quite excited about the new systems and applications. On top of that, we’ve been pretty good at getting things running smoothly. Which include food safety plan, food waste and now this cleaning and sanitation program. We always get all the help we need from Sensire.''

Stressless management

Start saving with Sensire!

Join hundreds of successful customers in achieving their business goals with our solution. The SaaS model makes getting up and running quick and easy. Start saving today!