Effective Document Management

Proper document management is key to running a successful business. We offer enterprise content management that integrates seamlessly with your quality and safety system. Providing you with a centralized repository to store, modify and fill out all relevant documents based on respective user rights.


Who is it for?

Whether you are running a large, medium, or small business, you are creating lots of documents across all levels of your organization. Our document management enables you to manage information digitally in a centralized repository, making information easily accessible and always available.

Operation Director

Operation Directors

Maintaining the organization's core documents in the centralized repository. Assign files to sub-locations and naturally integrate them as part of the food management system. Enjoy visibility, traceability, and control of all documents.


Regional Managers

Get notifications about new and changed documents. Immediate feedback on who has read essential files or filled out necessary forms. Deal with regulations, incidents, or complaints efficiently and quickly.



Assign relevant documents or forms to employees to be read and filled out online. Everyone gets the correct information at the right time to do their job. 100% paperless digital documents stored in one place to avoid loss of information.

Full visibility and traceability

100% paperless document storage avoids loss of information and saves time trying to find the correct records. Get notified when new relevant documents are available or if changes need to be acknowledged.

Centralize Documents

Centralized document repository

Store all your critical operational documents in a centralized repository to boost company-wide productivity and reduce costs. Share specific files with respective roles, track changes, record the read status and automate filling forms. Easily accessible and integrated into your workflows.

Online forms

Digitize your operational forms and let employees complete them online from mobile, desktop, or web devices. Gain visibility, easily keep track of missing signatures, and ensure everyone gets the latest update on the guidelines.

Fill Forms

Secure document storage 

Our centralized management solution helps keep your operational documents safe and secure. You decide who gets access to what files at any given time. Simplify your business by using our cloud storage.


''After adopting Sensire’s solution, KWH has gained real-time visibility into their temperature data. The system has benefited them by saving time and expenses. Data transparency additionally makes communicating with customers easier, improves business relations, and increases overall returns.''

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