Miia Kosunen

"I believe that you need to have the courage to leap into the unknown this is a very effective way to learn about yourself and enhance your skillset growing into a career.''

Miia, please tell us about yourself

It was a dark and stormy autumn night as I was born in the central hospital of Joensuu. My way to the world wasn't easy, or so I heard from my mother, who births to me a few days. But when I emerged, my voice was the first thing they heard. From that day on, I haven't held back my cry or any sound I could make with my vocal cords. I started my childhood near my grandparents, and I was a constant visitor there, at least 100-year-old family farm mökki. Don't be misled; the house was small with its two bedrooms and kitchen-living room combo. But it had a large attic with many old things that I considered treasures. Even though it housed ten people on its hay day, for today's standard, the house would be pretty crowded with just one small family.

Growing up, I enjoyed old Finnish films with my grandfather and fell in love with great old-school actors that sang beautifully. I started to go to piano and singing lessons when I was four years old. I was an incorrigible artist from the start. Singing, music, and art have gotten me through some rough patches in life. It has been a way to deal with complex issues and a form of self-expression. My studies have revolved around arts for my whole life. I drew and painted, made sculptures, and so on. I'm an eternal student who thirsts for constant information.

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What's your career path like? 

My first occupation was handicraft designer artisan. After that, I studied for a hairdresser's occupation. I started as an entrepreneur and later became an employee in a more prominent firm. I learned a lot of social skills in that profession, and as time went by, I started to climb the steps of the beauty industry by schooling in personnel management. I had to learn how to reinvent and produce something new for the clients as time went on. 

Simultaneously I started to compete in singing as I studied management. Both journeys ended up surprisingly well as I graduated from schooling and won the voice of Finland 2015 in the same year. I got to make music as I worked in leadership simultaneously; life was busy, and I loved it. Unfortunately, a year later, I discovered I was so severely allergic to the chemicals used in the beauty industry that I had to end my career there and then. This was once again a turning point in my life. It felt like I had to start my life path all over again. That’s the life you live and learn. The end of the career meant getting new schooling and knowledge. I have always been resilient.  This new challenge came at the right time as they usually do when you reflect on life post-events.

A step forward to the media studies

In 2017 I started studying culture and arts at the Karelia AMK, aiming for media and content production. My strengths shined trough out my studies as this was my field (arts). I was genuinely interested and motivated to get a career out of it. I even studied at the Y-Academy and learned some new entrepreneurship skills in a multilingual, multidisciplinary community. Most importantly got to do some incredible collaborations with many interesting companies. The tasks varied from graphic Desing to video and animation work and all that goes into them. I believe that you need to have the courage to leap into the unknown, this is a very effective way to learn about yourself and enhance your skillset growing into a career. Also, I'm a generalist, and my approach to this field of profession was quite broad. After graduation this seemed to be a good thing, considering the multiskilled tasks I implement today. Internal motivation is everything; if you have it, you can achieve almost anything you want.  

Internship at Sensire

I started working in Sensire with an internship (the recruitment education group provided by Saranen) as a marketing assistant. It is a constant learning experience, and I love the working community here. In this company, I have felt like one of the team. My ideas and creations are taken into action. Also, the culture of testing and finding new ways of doing things is refreshing and innovates you to learn constantly. Marketing as a profession is often implemented by trial and error, which creates an optimal way to promote a company's image and brand. This way of working means you don't have to fear failure; it's an essential part of the process. I consider my work to be very versatile with the cowriter, video production, photography, search engine optimization, and many more marketing-related tasks. On top all this, I get to work in a multicultural team and communicate in English. I really like to work in such a way, it promotes multiple skills and learning. You won't get bored with marketing that’s for sure. 


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Of course, I have had more hobbies than just art in my life. I love nature and you could say animals have been a crucial part of my life since childhood. I love mushroom picking and growing my own food. Nature is my grounding place; it literally calms me down and I can feel the freedom by wandering and singing around the wilderness. 

I feel our culture has been tightly knitted together with our vast and clean nature here in North Karelia. It has been the source of the most essential things in life like food and shelter. Without forgetting the spiritual and healing side of things. Even my grandmothers had their natural remedies like syrup made of bruce tree tips, bruce tree resin ointment, berry vitamins, dried mushrooms, tar and the crown of our culture SAUNA etc.  "Take only what you need and use everything you can from what you take. Make sure to recycle back to nature". I really admire this way of thinking. I am a part of this continuous chain of cultural history that evolves constantly. 

I have had many animals minitour big, horses, dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens and the list goes on. They all have taught me so much in life, I guess I have a strong need for taking care of them too. When it`s winter I love to curl up on our sofa with my dogs and watch movies and documentaries in the warmth of the fireplace.  


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