Our food safety solution

Digital Food Safety Management

We designed our food safety solution to meet the needs of modern hotels, restaurants, catering, and other food businesses. We help you to optimize and automate your quality management processes through digitalization and offer unique visibility into the operation for extensive savings.

The synergy between the various components and services of the solution provides a complete view of your business with full transparency and control. Gain actionable insights that increase food safety and efficiency while saving costs.

digital food management

The Sensire food safety solution in 2 minutes:

3 pillar approach

How the Sensire food safety solution works

All-in-one Dashboard

Cloud Service 

  • Centralized dashboard with real-time data
  • Transparency and up-to-date reporting
  • Unique Visibility
iOS & Android

Mobile Apps

  • Mobile process documentation
  • Task management and digital checklists
  • Always on-hand pocket guide
IoT Hardware

Condition Monitoring

  • Wireless IoT sensor technology for critical infrastructure
  • Real-time alarms (SMS/email) in case of deviations
  • Bluetooth probes for manual checks

Cloud services

Our all-in-one central cloud platform for process integration, reporting, and content management.

Your digital HACCP plan

  • Digitize all manual processes
  • Clear guidelines for all employees
  • All tasks are recorded automatically

Dashboard and reporting

  • Central management for checklists, workflows, and tasks
  • Perform detailed audits and create reports with the touch of a button
  • Customer-specific visual metrics and location comparison
  • Holistic control and actionable data to take strategic action
  • Overview of all locations

Mobile app – Task Assistant

Daily task management for hospitality employees to guide and record tasks in food safety, food waste, hygiene, and other day-to-day operations.

  • Paperless, everything is fully digital
  • Manage all tasks with a few clicks
  • Save onboarding time with digital checklists and guides

Automatic condition monitoring

Simplify your condition monitoring with our automatic temperature sensors for stress-free compliance.

Continuous temperature monitoring

  • No manual paperwork – 100% digital and automated.
  • All data uploaded into the cloud for remote monitoring.
  • Easy installation without external network integration.
  • Save money with optimal appliance temperatures.

Instant reaction to deviations

  • Real-time alerts via SMS and email.
  • Prevent unnecessary food waste.
  • Fault management in the cloud.
DOUGH&co Woodfired Pizza

“We receive data through Sensire sensors on our fridges and food temperatures online. This saves us time when we need to go through the necessary data.”

Owner, Christopher Sharman

Learn how to efficiently scale up your restaurant like a pro with DOUGH&co Woodfired Pizza

With automating the process, centralize data management, and save time from creating the audit reports with less effort on your part.

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