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About Sensire

Sensire is a leading technology company specializing in digital management solutions to meet the needs of the food service and healthcare industries. Our software and real-time condition monitoring solutions are suitable for both industries, from ensuring food safety to surveilling cold chain logistics. We build service concepts to improve efficiency and reduce costs with the help of self-monitoring data.

What do we do

Sensire produces comprehensive end-to-end solutions combining the latest IoT technology, software development methods, and professional services for the food and healthcare industries. We offer open integrations to third-party systems, such as PowerBI, automated & wireless environmental measurement solutions, digital task management, and more. 

Why Sensire?

Sensire is a fast-growing, mission-driven company built on a strong passion for delivering quality products and services to our customers. We have spent years developing solutions that make it easy for them. We comply with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, EN 12830, GxP environments, and are SAP-certified partner. 


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