IoT is for Intelligence

With real-time IoT data and advanced analytics, Sensire can help our customers achieve a better working and intelligent cold chain.

An IoT platform gives you an infinite number of technical possibilities but finding the competitive edge and perfecting productization in this 360-degree market is not easy. A sales-driven person can find it very hard to say no to a customer, especially when you know that with a small investment in a technical development project you could give them just what they want. But focusing your development resources pays off in expertise. We have chosen to concentrate on Intelligent Cold Chain which is a fraction of the total market, but a fraction where we are the best in the world.

Every day our system collects over 10 million individual measurements from our IoT platform, and that data can be displayed in any way and any device our customers want, be it through our Cloud interface, info screens or the customer’s own system. But telling facts about what we do is easy. What is challenging, although in a positive sense, is defining Intelligent Cold Chain so that the target customers can find us and benefit from our solution through predictive analytics.

So what makes it so intelligent? Our sensors are very good at taking measurements and our cloud platform at collecting and visualizing data, but the intelligence comes from using that data to steer process. Our system helps ensure that even when the cold chain process does not work, the materials can be protected or diverted in time to ensure the integrity of the product – using real-time analytics.

To give you an example, we can measure the “freshness” of food products and if the value for some reason starts to deviate from the spec, the product can be immediately rerouted. In this way it can be delivered to a nearby store when it is still sellable and fresh. Or if nothing can be done to prevent spoiling, the product can be scrapped straight away so that unsellable shipments do not get transported unnecessarily. Or, in the case of laboratories, the analytics can pinpoint which tests can be performed on the samples, or if the samples have become unviable because of complications in the transportation and storage processes. This kind of preventive steering would be impossible without the real-time intelligence that can be achieved with our system.

Sensire’s IoT platform can create savings on airfreight, quality validation and reclamation costs. Or it can be used to significantly speed up dispatch and receiving, or even replacement product delivery. That may not sound like a lot but when you´re in an ambulance and need emergency blood or adrenaline injection, getting them to you unspoiled is a question of life and death.

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