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Take the Temperature of Your Cold Chain with A Free Consultation

What are the best-proven practices in cold chain monitoring? What kind of options do digital technologies offer? Get a free consultation to find out!

Well, it’s finally time to publish a thing we’ve been working on for a while now: Sensire is going to offer free consultation on cold chain monitoring to all our potential customers.

So, what’s the catch? Obviously, a company won’t give away a thing for free if it could be sold for money.

Well, there are a few ways of looking at it:


1: We need to do it anyway so that we can offer the best solution for that customer’s individual operation

2: If we’re not a good fit, we actually save time for both the customer and ourselves when we can clear that up straight away

3: We also learn from you – Are you doing things much better than anyone else? We’d like to know, so that we can improve what we’re doing ourselves!

4:  Finally, we also get to talk about our own field of expertise, including the way our cold chain monitoring solutions can improve the customer’s business – but only in the context of the three earlier points


So there’s the why, but what does it mean in practice? Let’s take a look!


Practical Consultation

Talking with a Sales Rep the first time you contact a company can be scary – what if they go and sell you something you didn’t mean to get, or are otherwise very aggressive or pushy? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

And that’s why our consultations are handled by our product managers Mikko and Jarno. They’re interested in the customer and the customer’s process as a potential for constantly improving our own offering, not just as someone with money.

“Every potential customer is a valuable source of information for learning about best practices, as well as what isn’t working.”

Jarno T.

But because they’re constantly learning from and talking with our customers, they already have a very good view of what are the current best proven practices in cold chain monitoring. They also know quite a bit about the regulations that affect various fields such as pharmaceutical logistics or food safety in kitchens and catering.

So, the consultation is not just you telling them what you’re doing, or them telling you what you should do. It’s a conversation - and a very relaxed one at that! It’s all about what kind of options temperature monitoring and the latest digital technologies offer for the cold chain and environmental monitoring in general. But Mikko and Jarno can also give you a view of what the potential is for your business, based on combining their knowledge with your specific operation.

All this will take only an hour at most, and there are no obligations beyond that. Of course, if you would like to continue working with us to turn the consultation into actual business benefits, we’d be only too happy to help. It is entirely up to you!


Can You Win at Cold Chain?

So, how will you benefit from this conversation? Well, for starters you get a professional appraisal on the state of your cold chain monitoring. Of course, it’s not going to be fully comprehensive, but you’ll get a good idea of where to find the potential for improvements.

You’ll also get a direct access to someone who knows the cold chain field and can answer your most pressing questions on what has been proven to work, and what doesn’t.

We’ll also present you with a summary of what was discussed with some action points that you might consider. Lastly we’ll include some suggestion on how we might help with those points.

And if what you’re doing is as good as it gets, we’ll send you a certificate and a box of chocolates - because as far as we’re concerned, you’ve earned it!


Why Should You Care?

So you get to talk to some very nice people and find out how you’re doing with your cold chain. But why should you even care how well your temperature monitoring is performing?

Well, considering that a third of all food is wasted every year, as well as somewhere between 15% and 20% of pharmaceuticals, there is some real potential for improvement.

And even if you’re not that into some hypothetical global waste, we’ve seen our customers decrease their individual cold chain waste by up to 90% at the highest end. In money terms, that’s a lot of digits you can erase from the losses column on your ledger.

Of course, all this is voluntary – we’re only offering our expertise to help. If you’re certain that you’re already doing as well as you can, or that this will not help you at all, then that’s OK too.

But if you want to check your cold chain status, now it’s easier than ever before. Just click below and lets have a chat!


Get a Free Consultation for Your Business



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