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Save on monitoring costs and prevent waste with the help of automatic wireless sensors that raise alarms when conditions go over set limits. Spend less time reporting on regulatory compliance when you can generate an electronic audit trail of all your monitoring activities. Leverage the gathered data to improve processes through predictive cloud analytics.


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Monitoring Cold Chain Logistics from Pallets to Parcels 

The only way to know your products remain within ideal conditions in storage and transit is to monitor them throughout.
Cold chain logistics is increasingly moving high-value, small-volume shipments that must be monitored at the parcel level
to ensure their safety. Sensire’s GxP compliant wireless monitoring system is the perfect answer to this challenge.

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Reasons to Choose Sensire

Easy & Automatic 

Automated system eliminates time spent on manual monitoring. Easy reporting with cloud data simplifies regulatory compliance.

Plug & Play 

Easy and fast to set up and use. Wireless sensors come ready to deploy and cloud platform requires no software installation.

Prevent Waste 

Escalating alerts notify automatically if product conditions near unsafe limits, so decreasing waste becomes simple. 

Efficient & Profitable 

Improve existing processes and discover new revenue sources with data analytics and business intelligence tools.  

Help When You Need It 

On-call support and training are our basis for customer satisfaction. 

Future-Proof Technology 

As-a-Service business model means we always provide the latest technology to our customers.  
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Significant Real-Life ROI

Stop spoilage

One of our pharmacy customers was able to prevent losses of 175 000 € in pharmaceutical spoilage when Sensire’s system alerted on pharmacy cold-room breakdown.

Prevent breakdowns

A University Hospital customer saved 100 000 € when they were alerted to condition changes in their CT scanning room during the weekend and could prevent device breakage.

Cost savings

In a medium-scale pharma logistics operation, decreasing waste by 0,5 percent easily saves hundreds of thousands of € annually. 

Improve efficiency

Changing from manual monitoring to automatic sensing saves monitoring personnel up to an hour of work time daily per monitoring staff member. 

Correct resource allocation

Hospital nuclear medicine wards are able to adjust correct isolation times for radioiodine patients, reducing isolation by up to 2 days and saving 500 € per day per room.

Simplify audits and compliance

Having regulations-compliant documentation on hand saves time on audits and prevents business shutdown by government officials.

Case Finnish Red Cross | Customer Stories

“Both whole blood and blood products' transportation requires 100% controlled conditions. Thanks to modern technology we can carry out monitoring effortlessly for all our deliveries year round." 

Ari Hemminki

Production Manager, Finnish Red Cross, Blood Service

Case Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services | Customer Stories

“Manual recordkeeping and additional checkups are no longer necessary.” 

Jari Heikkinen

Chief Phycisist, Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services (ESSOTE) 

Case Arla Ltd | Cusromer Stories

“TempNet® provides us uninterrupted monitoring of real-time temperatures in storing and transporting dairy goods; this is a perfect tool to verify our quality. “  

Veli-Tapani Perälä

Distribution Manager, Arla Oy

Case Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services | Customer Stories

“Automated monitoring reduces the workload and gives us peace of mind. We have been able to get e.g. humidity problems under control with continuous monitoring."  

Jouni Asikainen

Pharmacist, Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services (ESSOTE)

Finnish Red Cross
The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa
Oy Karl Fazer Ab
Arla Ltd
City of Joensuu
Tallink Silja Ltd
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