GxP compliant real-time temperature monitoring and traceability for pharmaceutical distribution.

GxP compliant real-time temperature monitoring and visibility for blood transportation.

Real-time temperature monitoring throughout the entire food cold chain. 

Information and the IoT put the COOL in the Cold Supply Chain

by JP Asikainen

Three crucial factors influence the success of end-to-end, real-time cold supply chain reporting success.

Until recently, the cold supply chain has had one of the most complex and difficult to monitor processes; the movement of highly temperature sensitive products (blood, pharma, food) where temperature variations have often been discovered too late, with precious products being lost and costs increased due to having to re-manufacture/collect/ship replacements.


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Leading IoT-solutions provider for professional temperature monitoring, where ever needed.

Cloud-based Sensire TempNet® is a GxP compliant cold chain monitoring system that combines wireless sensors and online data access. Our service provides solutions for all links in your individual cold chain - from transportation to storage to all kinds of facilities. This means you can get end-to-end visibility to all your temperature data anywhere, anytime.

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Temperature and environmental conditions monitoring solution | Sensire TempNet®

Continuous real-time monitoring with wireless sensors and GPS-gateway devices. Superior integration capabilities to existing systems. All measurement data gathered securely in TempNet® Cloud platform for easy access.


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