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Sensire is committed to elevating the benchmarks of food safety, quality control, and operational effectiveness within the hospitality and pharmaceutical logistics industries.

We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge, secure, and all-encompassing solutions to safeguard operations and address current challenges while anticipating future needs.

Harnessing our innovative temperature monitoring technology, crafted and manufactured in Finland, along with data analytics and intelligent digital document management, we empower our clients with precise insights and proactive alerts into operations spanning multiple locations.

Our patented technology and software enhance safety protocols, product quality, and operational procedures, ensuring success and safety for our 400+ global client businesses now and in the future.


Stress-free management system

With plug & play to success

Our customers are proof that implementing Sensire's self-monitoring and management platform can save time, reduce costs and improve profitability for any food business.

How we make your life easier

Key benefits



Completely paperless digital process documentation with extensive task management & training capabilities.



Across the board through process optimizations, reduced food waste, optimal appliance temperatures, and more.



All data in one centralized database, providing total visibility and actionable insights.



Ensured compliance through complete traceability and accountability. Protect your brand across all locations.

Successful customers

Our happy customers

These are just a few of the many incredible customers we've had the pleasure of helping improve their work efficiency, protect their brand integrity, and reduce costs by analyzing collected data.

Don't just take our word for it

Here's what our customers have to say

"Sensire is our daily driver for many processes around the hotel. The automatic temperature monitoring has not only been a time but also a lifesaver. The solution gave us the visibility we needed to update our processes.”

“We needed transparency and visibility for our most important processes. Our HACCP solution includes automated temperature sensors, mobile app, and meal transportation monitoring.”

“Sensire provides us uninterrupted monitoring of real-time temperatures in storing and transporting dairy goods; this is a perfect tool to verify our quality.''

Cold chain logistics, warehouse, and cleanroom condition monitoring

Are you looking for a digital solution to manage and monitor temperature-sensitive processes and product quality?

We have the right solution for you!

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