Measure, Monitor and Manage Processes and Product Safety & Quality

Complete Digital Solutions for Managing Food Safety and Monitoring Temperature-Controlled Logistic


Ensure Food Safety and Quality with Digital Checklists and Automatic Monitoring

Complete food safety & quality monitoring and management solution. For kitchens, catering and all other facilities dealing with food preparation and production.


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Environmental monitoring solution for ensuring product quality and safety

Ensure Product Safety & Quality with Real-Time Digital Monitoring

Complete monitoring solutions for temperature-controlled logistics. For businesses needing to ensure correct temperatures etc. in warehousing & transportation.


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Quality & Efficiency in Cold Chain Logistics: Can You Have Both?

Let's face it - it's not always easy to make sure your supply chain functions in the most efficient way possible. This can be due to a number of reasons, but often you could prevent disruptions to your supply chain if you only knew what was happening.

Download this white paper to find out how to improve both quality and efficiency in cold chain logistics:


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Quality & Efficiency in Cold Chain Logistics
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The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa
Oy Karl Fazer Ab
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