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What if you could prevent temperature excursions in clinical sample logistics and improve temperature validation efficiency at the same time?

Sensire’s real-time temperature monitoring solution is designed to bring this proactive approach to laboratory sample logistics.

Get Ready for A Better Way

Preventing incorrect conditions in sample transportation is a good way of ensuring high quality samples for analysis. But when you use traditional manual dataloggers, you cannot stop temperature excursions during shipment and storage as they’re happening. This is because you don’t know there is anything wrong at the time. So what can you do? 

With real-time temperature monitoring, mitigating temperature excursion risks in clinical sample logistics is easy. You get alerted immediately if ideal conditions are threatened and can act to prevent any harm to samples.


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Better sample transportation monitoring

Improving on End-to-End Clinical Sample Logistics

Preventing condition fluctuation and improving efficiency is easy with Sensire’s mobile monitoring solution. Here’s how it works: 

1. Wireless sensors are placed in sample coolers at the collection clinic and start monitoring automatically.

2. A courier collects the samples and gets alerted if sample conditions change during transport, allowing them to correct the situation.

3. Central laboratory receives the cooler and can immediately validate correct conditions in a web app.

The same solution can be used to automatically monitor fridge and freezer temperatures during sample storage at both ends. The condition data can also be shared among stakeholders, be they the laboratories themselves, transportation companies or even rental cooler operators.

Here’s What You Get

Effortless & Automatic

Wireless sensors eliminate the time spent on manual monitoring.

Easy Access to Real-Time Data

All data is immediately accessible in the user-friendly cloud platform, which makes reporting exceptionally easy.

Immediate Alarms

If something unexpected happens, escalating alarms inform the correct people to proactively prevent harmful conditions. 

Modular Customization

Solution can be customized to fit your particular need and is extremely easy to extend when needed.

Powerful Process Optimization

Advanced analytics platform helps mitigate risks, prevent operational waste and optimize processes.

Help When You Need It

On-call support and training are there to help you if you need it. 

Case Islab | Customer Stories

Customer Case: Higher Quality Samples at a Lower Cost

ISLAB’s is the primary laboratory services provider in Eastern Finland. Their sample collection happens in many different locations, while testing is handled by central laboratories. The process requires careful monitoring, because sample transportation must be concluded within a certain timeframe and temperatures to ensure the viability of the samples. 

After introducing wireless sensors, validating sample transport temperatures upon arrival is faster compared to USB loggers. Continuous data also helps recognize problem hotspots in processes. Through improved transparency, better process optimization and standardization has become possible. This ultimately leads to better ensured sample integrity and less waste.



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