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What if you could prevent pharmaceutical and blood product spoilage? Or stop medical device breakdown? Remotely monitor isotope ward radiation safety or always ensure ideal clean room conditions?  

With Sensire’s automatic real-time monitoring solution you can do all this and much more besides.

Get Ready for A Better Way 

Automating monitoring tasks and data collection is a perfect way to improve safety and efficiency in healthcare facilities. But hospitals often face the situation where the temperature sensor in the medical fridge or blood bank is running under a different system from the multipurpose sensors in cleanroom laboratories or the radiation monitoring devices in the nuclear medicine ward. Many of these also need to be personally checked to make sure that the conditions are what they need to be. 

In such cases, adopting a comprehensive real-time remote monitoring system would save time, prevent waste and improve patient and staff safety.


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Monitoring solution for climate-controlled facilities

Improved Environmental Monitoring Throughout 

Sensire’s versatile real-time monitoring solution improves efficiency and cuts costs at all levels of healthcare operations. Here’s how it works:  

1. Wireless IoT sensors continuously monitor required environmental conditions, automatically alerting on excursions.

2. Existing systems are integrated into the same solution, collecting all data together for easy use.

3. Advanced analytics tools and easy reporting turn the gathered data into process development insights and simplify cooperation

The solution is modular and scalable, so you can choose what to monitor but can also easily extend the scope if you need to.

Here’s What You Get

Effortless & Automatic

Wireless sensors eliminate the time spent on manual monitoring, giving staff more time for patients.

Minimize Waste and Breakage

Escalating alarms alert the correct people if something unexpectedly goes wrong. 

Full Integration

If you want to send data from existing systems to Sensire or the other way around, we have standard API capability both ways.  

Simple Regulatory Reporting

Automatic data collection and secure cloud storage make it easy to prove regulatory compliance.

Powerful Process Optimization

Advanced analytics platform makes it easy to mitigate risks, boost efficiency and develop processes. 

Help When You Need It

On-call support and training are there to help you if you need it. 

Case Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services | Customer Stories

Customer Case: ESSOTE Getting Problems Under Control 

"We monitor the pharmacy clean room and isotope clean room conditions (pressure difference, temperature, relative humidity, particles) with TempNet® solution.  

We are obliged to monitor temperatures and identify exceptions. Automated monitoring reduces the workload and gives us peace of mind. We have been able to get e.g. humidity problems under control with continuous monitoring."  

Jouni Asikainen

Pharmacist, Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services (ESSOTE)



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