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Everyone eats, and wants the food they eat to be safe. Making sure that food is transported, stored and prepared within proper cold chain conditions is a sure way to ensure high quality. 

Sensire’s cold chain and HACCP monitoring solution makes it simple, fast and affordable.

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Customer trust is earned by consistently delivering tasty, high quality food. Even seemingly small lapses in temperature or other critical conditions can adversely affect that quality. Manually monitoring temperatures in cold storage and transportation are ineffective in stopping spoilage. HACCP monitoring in kitchens and production works better, but can be slow and tedious 

Real-time wireless monitoring in storage and transportation makes preventing waste in food cold chain logistics an easy task. A paperless HACCP app saves time and work. Combining these, you get a perfect end-to-end food safety and quality solution. 


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Remote monitoring of cold chain conditions ensures food safety and quality

Food Safety Made Easier 

Sensire’s real-time monitoring solution automates many of the food safety monitoring tasks and makes the rest a lot easier. Here’s how: 

1. Wireless sensors in food storage and transportation alert automatically incorrect conditions, making corrective actions possible.

2. In food processing and kitchens, the HACCP mobile app can be used to speed up task entries and connects to temperature probes for easy measurements.

3. Data from all links in the cold chain is stored in a cloud platform, so food quality can be effortlessly monitored and validated end-to-end. 

Our solution is modular, so you can choose what parts best fit you need. Because of this, it is also easily scalable if you want to expand your business.

Here’s What You Get

Efficient HACCP Monitoring 

HACCP app makes task entry easy and fast. Scalable from kitchens to processing and manufacturing. 

Minimize Waste

Escalating alarms alert the correct people if something unexpectedly goes wrong. 
Prevent waste with immediate corrective actions.

Customized & Scalable

With our modular system you can choose what kind of monitoring you need and we can customize the solution to best fit your operation.

Powerful Process Optimization

Advanced analytics platform makes it easy to mitigate risks, boost efficiency and develop processes.

Full Integration

If you want to send data from existing systems to Sensire or the other way around, we have standard API capability both ways.

Help When You Need It

On-call support and training are there to help you if you need it. 

Case Tallink | Customer Stories

Customer Case: Tallink Grupp 

“As a major shipping company on the Baltic Sea, transporting nearly 10 million passengers annually, ensuring that the food Tallink Grupp provides to its customers on board its 11 passenger vessels is safe at all times is of utmost importance. Food safety is an ongoing, fundamental and crucial matter to us in properly handling the food, beverages and all raw materials on our vessels. 

We therefore wanted to  introduce an automated HACCP solution, which would simplify the monitoring processes for us, improve efficiency and guarantee accurate and trustworthy data. The automated, single-platform system offered by Sensire has met all these requirements. The implementation of the Sensire Oy paperless HACCP system on our vessels has simplified the HACCP activities inspection process significantly, provided us with improved traceability and enhanced the transparency of data.“  
Külli Joakit

Food & Beverage Manager, AS Tallink Grupp 


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