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You will get Answers to questions such as:
  • What should you pay special attention to?
  • What are typical high touch points?
  • What your employees need to at least know about cleaning?
  • What’s in an effective cleaning schedule?
  • Plus: three pre-filled checklists for COVID-19 cleaning tasks

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Get Your Free Guide to Digital HACCP Management

Learn how a digital food safety management solution can help you digitalize your whole HACCP program into easy-to-manage task-based solution that ensures your food safety and quality from incoming inspections to customer's plate.


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You will get Answers to questions such as:
  • How to start creating an HACCP plan?
  • What are hazards in HACCP?
  • How to identify hazards and critical control points?
  • What are the benefits of implementing HACCP?
  • What does digital HACCP add to the mix?


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