Food Safety & Quality

Hotel Arthur

Hotel Arthur

"Sensire is our daily driver for many processes around the hotel. The automatic temperature monitoring has not only been a time but also life saver. The solution gave us the visibility we needed to update our

Sensire helped Hotel Arthur bring visibility to hundreds of recorded measurements. Once they started to analyze the collected data within the Sensire cloud environment, they were able to improve their processes and decrease deviations."
Tanja Tähtinen  |  Hotel Manager

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Polkka Oy

North Karelia Services Ltd, City of Joensuu

“We needed transparency and visibility for our most important processes. Our HACCP solution includes automated temperature sensors, mobile app and meal transportation monitoring.

Once fully implemented, it replaces pen-and-paper documentation. Inspectors from Evira (Finnish Food Safety Authority) have continuous access to our data in the cloud service, enabling them to view exception reporting, anytime and anywhere."  

Hannele Portman  |  Managing Director

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Process & Product Quality


Finnish Red Cross, Blood Service

The Finnish Red Cross provides hospitals with various blood products for treating patients.
“Both whole blood and blood products' transportation requires 100% controlled conditions. In Finland, an obligatory monitoring period for blood cells and platelets is year round, and for donated blood from November to March.
Thanks to modern technology we can carry out monitoring effortlessly for all our deliveries year round."

Ari Hemminki  |  Production Manager

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KWH Freeze

KWH Freeze wanted better visibility into both storage and transportation conditions, as well as providing route and geolocation information.

After adopting Sensire’s solution, KWH has gained real-time visibility into their temperature data. The system has benefited them in saved time and expenses. Data transparency additionally makes communicating with customers easier, improves business relations and increases overall returns.

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Arla Oy

“Sensire provides us uninterrupted monitoring of real-time temperatures in storing and transporting dairy goods; this is a perfect tool to verify our quality.

In addition to temperature monitoring, it was also important for us to get route information for our refrigerated vehicles. Integrating the information into our system has streamlined our operations, as well as speeding up processes.”

Veli-Tapani Perälä  |  Distribution Manager

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Professional Projects



Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services

Essote was looking for an effective solution for the conditions monitoring of their hospital pharmacy and nuclear medicine facilities.

After introducing Sensire’s solution, Essote has saved tens of thousands of euros. Automatic measuring saves both work and time and collects the results in one central platform. Constant monitoring also gives Essote staff ample time to react in order to avoid breakage, large-scale expenses and unnecessary waste.

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Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services

Essote wished to improve their radiation monitoring capabilities further, with special attention paid to dose and dose rate monitoring as well as contamination tracking.

Sensire’s monitoring solution provides Essote with comprehensive real-time radiation monitoring. Real-time data makes it possible to track trend and speed up patient discharge times significantly, as well as improving staff and patient safety.

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ISLAB needed a reliable system that would monitor sample temperature the whole way from multiple locations to laboratory. Centralized data, better transparency and faster transportation handling were also required.

With Sensire’s solution ISLAB has gained significant benefits. With improved transparency, better process optimization and standardization has become possible. This ultimately leads to better ensured sample integrity and less waste.

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