TempNet® Logger

Temperature loggers to suit your logistics track

TempNet® Logger is a matchbox-sized temperature sensor to monitor the logistics track. Choose a sensor's mode of operation according to your process needs:

  • fully automatic data upload, gateways end-to-end, or
  • manual start/stop with automatic data upload

TempNet® Logger sensors are designed for heavy use. Sensors are easy to remove from wall-mounting inside the box, rinse (IP67) and put back inside the wall-mounting. TempNet® Logger temperature monitoring range is from -15°C to +75°C. 

Cold or warm? Full visibility inside the box

TempNet® Sensor


They do the hard work  

Wireless automatic or start/stop button sensors for box temperature monitoring. Temperature range from -15° to +75°C.

TempNet® Cloud Service


Secured access to your data

All you need is a standard web connection. Log in with your password and obtain full visibility and reports for the temperature data.  

TempNet® Alarms


You want to know in time

Providing correct alarms to the right person in time make corrective actions possible. Alarm thresholds are adjustable to your individual process. 

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