TempNet® Logger

Temperature loggers to suit your logistics track

TempNet® Logger is a matchbox-sized temperature sensor to monitor the logistics track. Choose a sensor's mode of operation according to your process needs:

  • fully automatic data upload, gateways end-to-end, or
  • manual start/stop with automatic data upload

TempNet® Logger sensors are designed for heavy use. Sensors are easy to remove from wall-mounting inside the box, rinse (IP67) and put back inside the wall-mounting. TempNet® Logger temperature monitoring range is from -15°C to +75°C. 

Cold or warm? Full visibility inside the box

TempNet® Sensor


They do the hard work  

Wireless automatic or start/stop button sensors for box temperature monitoring. Temperature range from -15° to +75°C.

TempNet® Cloud Service


Secured access to your data

All you need is a standard web connection. Log in with your password and obtain full visibility and reports for the temperature data.  

TempNet® Alarms


You want to know in time

Correct alarms in time for the right persons to provide the possibility to make corrective actions. Alarm thresholds are adjustable to your individual process. 

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Joonas Korhonen

Account Manager

Joonas Korhonen

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Account Manager

Aki Roivanen