TempNet® Cloud

Manage, report and develop temperature controlled logistics 

All TempNet® -products are based on one, modular cloud platform. Operations management, reporting and development are based on real-time data, which is securely stored in one centralised cloud. Modular UI is adjustable e.g. according to the layout or user groups. 

TempNet® Cloud is hosted by Sensire, so you don't need any server or data center investments to become a TempNet® user. All you need is a standard web connection. Log in with your password and obtain full visibility and reports for the data. 

Cloud platform for real-time data

TempNet® Cloud Service


Easy access to your data 

All you need is an internet connection. Log in with your password and obtain full visibility and detailed reports.


React in time

Smart alarms are available on all products; let automation handle most of the work as you will be notified of any breaches.


Manage and develop your process

With 100% transparency, time and money are not wasted on claims and arguments. 

TempNet® Cloud Platform for:

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