Nuclear Medicine

Sensire TempNet® offers a special solution for radiation exposure and radioactive contamination monitoring in nuclear medicine facilities, including preparation, utilisation and storage of radiopharmaceuticals. 

TempNet® GAM dosimeter measures the dose rate from a radioactive patient automatically, once per minute. This enables proven, real-time radiation measurement for the personnel, for example helping the physicist calculate the exact time for discharging the patient (1-2 days earlier compared to traditional way). In addition, automated remote monitoring is safer for the nursing staff, since they don't need to enter the patient's room continously and be exposed to radiation.

TempNet® contamination solution is a mobile app, which guides the user to perform correct contamination measurements, and leaves a trace on when and by whom it was performed. App is connected by Bluetooth to a Canberra contamination probe, which is one of the leading radiation measurement devices on the market. 

Modular TempNet® solution is also easy to expand to monitoring conditions in e.g. camera rooms (temperature, relative humidity). Please contact us for more details. 

Radiation Monitoring for Nuclear Medicine:

  • dose rate
  • cumulative dose
  • alpha, beta, gamma radiation
  • X-rays

Nuclear medicine monitoring

Sensire Dosimeter


Dose and dose rate

Portable measurement device for dose rate and cumulative dose, gamma radiation, and X-rays. 

Sensire App and Probe

App and probe

Radioactive contamination

Contamination probe is connected to phone with Bluetooth. Mobile app for contamination instructs the users with measurements. 

Sensire Cloud Service


Secured access to your data

All you need is a standard web connection. Log in with your password and obtain full visibility and reports for the radiation data. 

Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services

Case: Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services (ESSOTE)

New technology is helping with radiation monitoring

We monitor dose range in radiopharmaceutical preparation and utilization rooms, as well as in patient rooms during isolation of patients treated with radioactive iodine. Real-time remote radiation monitoring reduces staff exposure to radiation and helps verify that treatment has been administered as planned. In addition, it enables optimized discharge times for patients, ultimately leading to cost savings. Monthly reports with all measured data are sent automatically by email to the responsible person. Manual recordkeeping and additional checkups are no longer necessary.”

Jari Heikkinen, Chief Phycisist, Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services (ESSOTE)

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