HACCP for Professional Kitchens

Sensire HACCP is a specialised self-monitoring and reporting solution for kitchen professionals. Mobile app and automated temperature measurements significantly speed up the daily performance of self-monitoring tasks and activities, replacing several manual work phases in the kitchen. It also minimises the need to remember to complete tasks, or in worst case, write temperatures down on a paper or in excel-sheets. In TempNet® Cloud users have access to temperature and hygiene tasks and data.  

Lightweight Solution for All Kitchens:

  • Lunch and brunch cafeterias
  • Year-around restaurants
  • Season restaurants
  • Restaurant chains
  • Public school canteens
  • Staff restaurants

Mobile app

Mobile app is a fast and easy way to start utilising  phones in daily HACCP self-monitoring tasks and comments to exceptions. Package includes wireless temperature probe, which is paired with your phone. Temperature information and daily tasks, completed with the phone and probe, are automatically saved in the cloud.  

 Mobile app for self-monitoring tasks:

  • temperature measurement
  • cleaning
  • food waste

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Mobile app

Report HACCP exceptions with easy and lightweight mobile app, starting from only EUR 24.90/month, no time commitments. For big or small professional kitchens. 

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Automated temperature sensors 

Fully automated temperature sensors record data continously, and intelligent alarm system informs user, if thresholds are exceeded. All information is automatically saved in the cloud.

Automated temperature monitoring from:    

  • refrigerators, cold rooms and freezers
  • drawers, glass displays
  • cooling cabinets (cooling time, shelf-life)
  • dishwashers
  • ovens and pots

Automated temperature sensors

Small wireless sensors record automatically temperature. Let us know the quantity of your kitchen equipment, and we will contact you for pricing and lay-out plan. 

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Food Cold Chain Transportation

Flexible monitoring solution is compatible with virtually any thermo box, meal transport box and transport wagon. 

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City of Joensuu

Centralised HACCP reporting from 77 kitchens

Case: The City of Joensuu

"We produce 3.2 million portions per year for schools, nurseries, hospitals and home care from our 17 production kitchens and 60 catering kitchens. Our latest production kitchen sends out over 5.000 portions per day. 

We needed transparency and visibility of our most important processes. Our solution includes automated temperature sensors, mobile app and meal transportation monitoring. Once fully implemented, it will replace paper and pen. Inspector's from Evira (Finnish Food Safety Authority) have continous access to our data in the cloud service, enabling them to view exception reporting, anytime and anywhere." 

Hannele Portman, Managing Director, Polkka - North Karelia Services Ltd, City of Joensuu

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