Energy Management System (EMS)

Sensire TempNet® energy management system (EMS) is a special solution for monitoring the consumption of electricity, water and thermal energy. Continuous and real-time energy consumption monitoring provides the right data to find faults and forecast maintenance needs, which will improve processes and helps diminish carbon footprint. TempNet® EMS also enables the monitoring of energy consumption sub-groups and smaller facilities. Modular EMS system is easy to expand to new facilities.  

Real-time Data on Energy Consumption:

  • electricity (kWh, kVarh)
  • water (m³)
  • thermal energy (MWh, m³)

Energy Management installation

Sensire GatewayGateway

Data transmitted via gateway

Energy meter transfers consumption data to the cloud via Sensire Gateway. Gateway installation is applicable with virtually any commercial energy meter. 

Sensire Cloud ServiceCloud

Secured access to your data

All energy consumption data can be viewed over the Internet in TempNet® cloud. Log in with your password and obtain full visibility and reports. 

Sensire InterfacesInterfaces

Data collection and transfer

Energy consumption data is collected  from energy meters by utilising interfaces, e.g. Modbus or Modbus/TCP. Please contact us for more details regarding the interface project.  


Case: real estate energy monitoring

"Energy consumption monitoring is used in 19 different properties. Monitoring network includes hundreds of measuring points and energy meters, which all transfer data to our centralised energy management portal. The portal helps, for example, in automated invoicing for our tenants, who can be billed according to their actual real-time energy and water consumption."

Hannu Tauriainen, Technical Property Manager, Hämeenmaan Kiinteistöt Ltd

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