Pharmaceutical Distribution

Answering the need for real-time temperature monitoring and traceability    

Global pharmaceutical trade is facing ever tightening regulations in monitoring transportation and storage conditions. Quality problem costs for life sciences are at an astonishing level of 25% to 35% of the total sales revenue. A substantial part of these costs are direct and indirect costs related to defects found after the shipment of finished goods to the customer.

Proven product stability  

Real-time visibility for temperature conditions throughout the logistics chain is essential for ensuring product stability. Current practice with conventional data loggers allows the identification of bad conditions post factum, after the data logs have been manually downloaded at the destination. This is resulting in a lot of wasted resources and inefficiency in process management and quality control. 

From temperature maintenance to intelligent cold chain  

TempNet® Pharmaceutical Distribution

Sensire TempNet® is a complete solution for temperature controlled logistics. All TempNet® -products are based on modular cloud platform, which ensures access and availability to real-time temperature data throughout the whole logistics chain.

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