TempNet® Truck – Intelligent solution for on-wheels temperature monitoring and geolocation

Stop Unnecessary Expenses

In cold chain logistics, you want to make sure nothing goes wrong on the road. Accidents with temperature control can be expensive, particularly if you don’t notice them in time. In such cases, a real-time monitoring system that can send automatic smart alarms to responsible people will create significant savings in expenses. Various GxP regulations also legally require you to monitor environmental conditions during transportation.

TempNet® Truck temperature monitoring system components

Improve Your Monitoring

TempNet® Truck is a GxP-compliant temperature monitoring system for on-wheels transport that includes a gateway device and two cold chain sensors per vehicle. Our wireless sensors can track transportation temperatures even in harsh environments and the GPS gateway transfers that data to TempNet® Cloud.

Continuous real-time data in the Cloud enables reliable real-time access to geolocation and route information. This means complete visibility to all relevant people, making it easy to react to spoilage and prevent needless expenses. TempNet® Truck is also easy to integrate with existing systems, so that all gathered data is immutably stored and viewable in one easy-to-access online interface.


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Superior Quality and Service

Sensire’s sensors are designed for heavy use, with temperature measuring range from -30°C - +75°C. With our subscription-based business model, our customers don’t have to worry about reliability in their monitoring. Our expert staff will handle recalibration so you will always have operational devices in use.

One Comprehensive system

TempNet® Truck temperature monitoring system components


Continuous monitoring

Wireless and automated, these small sensors send real-time data to the cloud 24/7. Measuring range from -30°C - +75°C.

The TempNet® Cloud interface in various web-enabled devices


Secure access to your data

Your one-stop access to all your temperature and conditions data, effortlessly over the internet to a device of your choice.

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Alarms on a mobile device


When things go wrong

Adjust the alarm thresholds according to your need and get notified when they are breached. Enables you to take corrective actions and avoid unnecessary expenses.

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