TempNet® Storage – Intelligent solution for automated temperature and humidity monitoring

Stop Unnecessary Expenses

Temperature exceptions in temperature-controlled storage can be expensive, particularly if you don’t notice them in time. And even when temperatures are kept constant, if energy management isn’t optimized, expenses can soar without anyone realizing. Depending on the stored substances, various GxP regulations may also legally require you to carefully monitor environmental conditions. In cases like these, a reliable and easy to use monitoring system can help save significant amounts of money and extra work.

Components of the TempNet® Storage monitoring solution 

One Scalable Solution

TempNet® Storage is a temperature monitoring system that combines wireless sensors and a cloud-based interface. It lets you monitor your storage conditions over the internet on a device of your choice. The solution is scalable, so it fits everything from fridges to logistics hubs and warehouses. Wireless sensors also enable GxP-compliant mapping of hot or cold spots in the storage area.

The TempNet® system can be integrated with existing building automation so you can access all data from your storage facilities in one platform.  TempNet® Storage can also be expanded with the addition of EMS energy management system, making data-driven process enhancement much easier. All gathered data can be viewed in real time via TempNet® Cloud.


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Superior Quality and Service

Sensire’s sensors are designed for heavy use, with temperature measuring range from -30°C - +75°C. With our subscription-based business model you don’t have to worry about calibrating sensors yourself, either. Our experts can calculate your sensor network and gateway needs according to facility, and will handle recalibration and replacements when needed.

One Comprehensive Solution

Temperature and humidity sensor


Continuous monitoring

Wireless and automated, these small sensors send real-time data to the cloud 24/7. Measuring range from -30°C - +75°C. Humidity range 0..100 %RH.

The TempNet® Cloud interface in various web-enabled devices


Secure access to your data

Your one-stop access to all your temperature and conditions data, effortlessly over the internet to a device of your choice.

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Alarms can be sent to mobile device via SMS or e-mail


When things go wrong

Adjust the alarm thresholds according to your needs and get notified when they are breached. Enables you to take corrective actions and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Case KWH Freeze | Customer Stories

Case: KWH Freeze

KWH Freeze wanted better visibility into both storage and transportation conditions, as well as providing route and geolocation information.

After adopting Sensire’s solution, KWH has gained real-time visibility into their temperature data. The system has benefited them in saved time and expenses. Data transparency additionally makes communicating with customers easier, improves business relations and increases overall returns.

TempNet® Storage for

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