TempNet® Nuclear Medicine – Radiation monitoring made safer

Superior Monitoring

When working with radioactive substance, exposure is always a risk. With the TempNet® Nuclear Medicine system, monitoring exposure and contamination can be done easily and efficiently. The system can be used throughout the life of radiopharmaceuticals from preparation to storage to the eventual patient treatment phase, as well as the monitoring of radioactive waste.

Components of the TempNet® Nuclear Medicine monitoring system


Less Work, More Value

The Nuclear Medicine system is a combination of GAM dosimeters, hand-foot-monitors and contamination probes. These radiation measuring devices automatically transfer data into the TempNet® Cloud platform, where all data can be viewed immediately. Preset alerts notify personnel through email/SMS or alarm beacons if radiation limits are breached, so they will know to act accordingly.

The dosimeter measures, for example, a radioiodine patient’s dose rate automatically once per minute, giving staff access to accurate data. This means the chief physicist, can calculate patient discharge times correctly, which has proven to shorten patient isolation times by 1-2 days per patient. Additionally, the GAM device enhances staff safety through remote measuring, helping to keep radiation exposure as low as reasonably practicable.


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One Scalable Solution

TempNet® is a modular solution that is easy to integrate with other systems, so you can benefit from your existing monitoring arrangements by linking them with the TempNet® Cloud. We also offer additional monitoring capabilities for e.g. isotope cleanrooms and camera rooms (temperature, relative humidity, etc.).


Quantities for nuclear medicine monitoring; dose, dose rate and contamination

One Comprehensive System

Dosimeter for monitoring dose and dose rate


Dose and dose rate

Portable automatic dosimeters make measuring dose and dose rate easy, accurate and safe.

Mobile app and portable probe for radioactive contamination monitoring

Contamination measuring

Radioactive contamination

All contamination monitoring made easy with hand-foot monitors and mobile probes.

The TempNet® Cloud interface in various web-enabled devices


Secure access to your data

One-stop access to all your measurements data, from cleanrooms to patient isolation, effortlessly over the internet to a device of your choice.

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Case Essote | Customer Stories

Case: Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services (ESSOTE)

New technology is helping with radiation monitoring

We monitor dose range in radiopharmaceutical preparation and utilization rooms, as well as in patient rooms during isolation of patients treated with radioactive iodine. Real-time remote radiation monitoring reduces staff exposure to radiation and helps verify that treatment has been administered as planned. In addition, it enables optimized discharge times for patients, ultimately leading to cost savings. Monthly reports with all measured data are sent automatically by email to the responsible person. Manual recordkeeping and additional checkups are no longer necessary.”

Jari Heikkinen, Chief Phycisist, Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services (ESSOTE)

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