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Cooking food in a professional environment requires reliable monitoring of HACCP tasks, so that the quality and safety of the food can be validated at all times. Measuring temperatures, recording waste amounts, ensuring hygiene and other tasks in food production areas need to be recorded, but manually marking it all down on paper or on computers takes time.

Mobile app

Report HACCP exceptions with easy and lightweight mobile app for all types of food production facilities.


Save Time, Ensure Quality

TempNet® HACCP solution combines a mobile app, wireless probes and automated sensors into one food safety management system. The system reminds the staff of their daily HACCP tasks, so that human error or plain forgetfulness can’t interfere with food quality. Measurements and task entries are collected wirelessly via TempNet® Cloud, which stores the information. Online data access makes it easy to get correct information to relevant people and authorities. This can help eliminate waste and ensure best possible food quality to your customers.

Customize According to Your Needs

The HACCP app can also be combined with other TempNet® products to monitor all temperature sensitive areas of your facility. Our automatic sensors provide continuous measurement data from those locations that need constant monitoring, from cold storages to ovens. Monitoring transportation temperatures from thermo boxes or truck containers is also possible. Real-time data allows for corrective actions when alarms notify of temperature exceptions. You can edit alarm thresholds and notification recipients in the Cloud platform.


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Complete Solution for Professional Kitchens

IoT temperature sensor


Continuous monitoring

These small wireless sensors send real-time temperature data to the cloud 24/7. Temperature measuring range from -30 - +75°C.

Wireless temperature probe and mobile devices for temperature & task entry recording

Mobile App & Probe

Ensure HACCP plan compliance

The temperature probe is connected with the mobile app. The app saves results to the Cloud and reminds users of their daily tasks and activities.

Monitoring data with web interface in various devices


Secure access to your data

Your one-stop access to all your temperature data, effortlessly over the internet to a device of your choice.

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Case Joensuu | Customer Stories

Centralized HACCP reporting from 77 kitchens

Case: The City of Joensuu

"Our 17 production kitchens and 60 catering kitchens produce 3.2 million meals per year for schools, nurseries, hospitals and home care. Our latest production kitchen sends out over 5.000 portions per day. 

We needed transparency and visibility of our most important processes. Our solution includes automated temperature sensors, mobile app and meal transportation monitoring. Once fully implemented, it replaces pen-and-paper documentation. Inspector's from Evira (Finnish Food Safety Authority) have continous access to our data in the cloud service, enabling them to view exception reporting, anytime and anywhere." 

Hannele Portman, Managing Director, Polkka - North Karelia Services Ltd, City of Joensuu

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