TempNet® Cloud – One-view solution for all measurement data management

Monitoring Made Easy

All TempNet® products are based on TempNet® Cloud, a one-view cold chain software platform that provides GxP-compliant data gathering and storage. The Cloud can be easily integrated with existing monitoring systems, allowing the user to monitor all their conditions data in real time. It also lets you handle overall data management, reporting and process development with ease.

Immediate Information

Real-time data in TempNet® Cloud provides smart alarms if exceptions should happen, making corrective actions possible. Because the Cloud platform also gathers and stores immutable electronic data in compliance with GxP standards, reporting to relevant authorities becomes effortless – no more copying endless slips of paper in order to post them along. In the cloud you can also get access to TempNet® Analytics, a simple but robust tool for data-driven predictive analysis.

Customized to Your Needs

The Cloud has a modular UI that can be adjusted according to the user’s preferred layout, so you can always see what is most important to you. The UI can also be customized to show different views to different groups, so all personnel can have access to just the information they need without the distraction of all other data.


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Secure access to your data

Cloud interface is available on all web-enabled mobile devices



Anywhere, anytime

TempNet® Cloud only needs an internet connection to give you access to all your data and it can be used on any device.



When things go wrong

Adjust the alarm thresholds according to your needs and get notified when they are breached. Enables you to take corrective actions and avoid unnecessary expenses.



Predict and prevent

Gathering data presents possibilities beyond just reporting and validation. Predictive analytics allows you to take control of your operations like never before.

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