TempNet® Cleanroom – Ensuring Cleanroom Environment

No More Wasted Time

Monitoring multiple measuring points and quantities to ensure clean room standards is required by various GxP regulations, but it is overly complicated if it needs to be done manually for all the different measurements. Getting accurate data can require multiple systems and mutually exclusive data display applications. This leads to unnecessary wasted time in combining all that data together.

Components of the TempNet® Cleanroom environmental conditions monitoring system


Better Monitoring, Less Work

TempNet® Cleanroom environmental monitoring system is the reliable way to ensure your clean room meets GxP set standards. It saves time by enabling all monitoring data to be collected in one easy-to-use cloud platform view with online access. Real-time condition measuring and data access in the cloud also provide smart alarms to the right people if user-set limits are exceeded. Replacing manual work with the automated TempNet® system increases quality assurance and product safety, enabling the staff to concentrate on core tasks.


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One Scalable Solution

TempNet® Cleanroom monitoring solution combines cloud-based data with wireless sensors, so expanding or relocating your monitored area is exceedingly easy. The system also integrates effortlessly with existing building automation, making it easy to use as a coherent reporting tool. Other TempNet® products can be seamlessly incorporated with the Cleanroom system, making it possible to monitor preferred conditions before and after the clean room.


The physical quantities the system can monitor

One Comprehensive System

Multiple quantities measuring sensor


Continuous monitoring

Wireless and automated, these small sensors send real-time data to the cloud 24/7. Measure temperature, humidity, CO2, particles etc. according to your needs.

Data management interface in various web-enabled devices


Secure access to your data

Your one-stop access to all your cleanroom conditions data, effortlessly over the internet to a device of your choice.

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Receiving SMS and e-mail alerts with a mobile device


When things go wrong

Adjust the alarm thresholds according to your need and get notified when they are breached. Enables you to take corrective actions and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Case Essote | Customer Stories

Case: Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services (ESSOTE)

Getting the problems under control

"We monitor the pharmacy clean room and isotope clean room conditions (pressure difference, temperature, relative humidity, particles) with TempNet® solution

We are obliged to monitor temperatures and identify exceptions. Automated monitoring reduces the workload and gives us peace of mind. We have been able to get e.g. humidity problems under control with continuous monitoring." 

Jouni Asikainen, Pharmacist, Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services (ESSOTE)

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