Control Your Data

TempNet® Analytics lets you access and analyze all your data easier than ever before. With Sensire’s monitoring solutions, you already have a wealth of data at your fingertips. Now it’s even easier to turn that wealth into actions. Drawing from your TempNet® Cloud data archives, TN Analytics lets you take control of your data in a whole new way. From mass analysis to detailed info on particular targets, the new analysis interface is fast and easy to use, letting you recognize any problem hotspots at a glance.

Data-driven analytics brings added value to conditions monitoring 

Predict and Prevent

Reporting past actions and monitoring data was already easy with the TempNet® Cloud. The system also provided continuous monitoring in real time, so you knew what was going on right up to the present moment. With TempNet® Analytics, you can now extend that control to the future as well. Moving past descriptive analytics to predictive, you can use you existing information to drive change on the operational level, mitigating any risks long before they even become a possibility.


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Operations Evolved

Recognizing what areas of your operation are frequently challenging is no small matter. With the TN Analytics system, it becomes easy to analyze past performance and project those results to your future operations. Eliminating those parts of operations that most often create costs through inefficiency or failure to function will alone provide a significant return of investment. Identifying working procedures and adopting those to wider use can also give you considerable competitive advantage. TN Analytics has many further uses that can significantly benefit your operation, cut costs and lead to a better working business.

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