Sensire Energy Management System – Take command of your energy consumption

An Easier Solution

Dividing energy expenses according to actual use can be difficult in a multi-operator establishment, such as a business office building. Getting accurate data for optimizing energy efficiency can also require multiple systems and mutually exclusive data display applications.

Components of the Sensire Energy Management System EMS


Reduce Work, Reduce Expenses

TempNet® Energy Management System (EMS) is a combined solution for monitoring electricity, water and thermal energy consumption in real time and continuously. In facilities where multiple operators share the energy costs, dividing expenses becomes effortless. Energy audits also become easier when accurate information from the energy management system can be viewed in real time. This enables energy conservation, reduction in carbon footprint and better maintenance forecasts.

One Scalable Solution

Easy access to the cloud platform gives one-look view at energy consumption trends, and can be easily expanded to include multiple facilities to enhance overall energy management. TempNet® can be easily integrated with existing building automation to monitor all your data in one place.


The EMS system measures electricity, thermal energy and water consumption

One Comprehensive System

Interfaces collect consumption data


For all data collection

Monitor the consumption of electricity, water and thermal energy through interfaces (e.g. Modbus and Modbus/TCP) and collect all data into TempNet® for one-view access.

The gateway device transmits data wirelessly


Data transmitted via gateway

Energy meter transfers consumption data to TempNet® Cloud via Sensire Gateway. Gateway installation is applicable with virtually any commercial energy meter.

The TempNet® Cloud interface in various web-enabled devices


Secure access to you data

Your one-stop access to all your measurements data, effortlessly over the internet to a device of your choice.

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Case Hämeenmaa | Customer Stories

Case: Real estate energy monitoring

"Energy consumption monitoring is used in 19 different properties. Monitoring network includes hundreds of measuring points and energy meters, which all transfer data to our centralised energy management portal. The portal helps, for example, in automated invoicing for our tenants, who can be billed according to their actual real-time energy and water consumption."

Hannu Tauriainen, Technical Property Manager, Hämeenmaan Kiinteistöt Ltd

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