Ensure Radiation Safety with Automatic Monitoring and Immediate Alarms

Automatic monitoring for exposure and contamination

  • Staff and patient safety

Options include:  

  • GAM dosimeter 
  • Hand-foot-monitor 
  • Contamination probe 

Cloud UI visualizes measurement data in dashboard

Immediate alarms on limit breaches via

  • Email,
  • SMS 
  • Alarm beacon

Allows accurate calculation of patient isolation times

  • Erlier patient discharge

Complete monitoring records with commenting option for reporting

Customer Success Story

Radiation monitoring customer: Essote 


“We monitor dose range in radiopharmaceutical preparation and utilization rooms, as well as in patient rooms during isolation of patients treated with radioactive iodine. Real-time remote radiation monitoring reduces staff exposure to radiation and helps verify that treatment has been administered as planned.  

In addition, it enables optimized discharge times for patients, ultimately leading to cost savings. Monthly reports with all measured data are sent automatically by email to the responsible person. Manual recordkeeping and additional checkups are no longer necessary.”

Jari Heikkinen

  Chief Phycisist | Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services (ESSOTE)

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