Monitor and Optimize Energy Consumption with Sensire's Handy EMS

Monitor electricity, thermal energy and water consumption

  • For one or more facilities
  • Can also be integrated with building automation

Applicable with vistually any commercial energy meter

Data transfer through interface (e.g. Modbus and Modbus/TCP)

Compile all your data sources into the Sensire Cloud UI

Decrease carbon footprint and cut energy costs


  • Monitoring all energy consumption
  • Optimize energy use
  • Easier dividing energy cost

Customer Success Story

Energy consumption monitoring customer: Hämeenmaa 


"Energy consumption monitoring is used in 19 different properties. Monitoring network includes hundreds of measuring points and energy meters, which all transfer data to our centralised energy management portal. The portal helps, for example, in automated invoicing for our tenants, who can be billed according to their actual real-time energy and water consumption."

Hannu Tauriainen

Technical Property Manger | Hämeenmaan Kiinteistöt Oy

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