Secure Your Cleanroom Conditions and Equipment Against Disruptions

Automatic monitoring for a full suite of physical conditions 

  • Temperature (-30..+75°C)
  • Relative humidity (0..100 % RH)
  • Pressure Difference (-100Pa..100Pa)
  • Particles (0.3µm, 0,5µm, 1.0µm and 5.0µm channels
  • Carbon dioxiede CO2

Cloud UI visualizes measurement data in dashboard

Complete monitoring records make reporting simple

Immediate alarms on limit breaches via

  • Email or
  • SMS


  • Patient safety
  • Asset integrity
  • Compliant conditions

Protect patient safety and asset integrity

Customer Success Story

Cleanroom monitoring customer: Essote 


"We monitor the pharmacy clean room and isotope clean room conditions (pressure difference, temperature, relative humidity, particles) with the solution.  

We are obliged to monitor temperatures and identify exceptions. Automated monitoring reduces the workload and gives us peace of mind. We have been able to get e.g. humidity problems under control with continuous monitoring." 

Jouni Asikainen

 Pharmacist | Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services (ESSOTE)

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