Professional projects for environmental monitoring in specialist healthcare facilities and energy consumption monitoring 

Beside our main lines of business, we are also available for special projects mainly in the healthcare sector. So, if you want to:


Ensure correct conditions in vital healthcare facilities  Supports building automation and extends its use   Minimize risk, prevent harm and save money


We are available for consultation and project implementation. 

Our professional services are designed to benefit operations in: 

Hospital Wards – Health Centers – Laboratories – Pharmacies – Morgues 



Complete set of monitoring tools and software for making sure your cleanroom conditions keep within required limits.

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Nuclear Medicine

Monitor your Nuclear Medicine facilities with our solution combining GAM dosimeters, hand-foot-monitors and contamination probes.

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EMS – Energy Management System

Connect all your energy meters wirelessly into one central system to make it easier to control and optimize consumption and costs.

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Your Project Here?

If you want to discuss your project needs, leave us a message and we can discuss how we can help you with our digital IoT expertise.

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Customer Success Story

Professional project customer: Essote


"We monitor the pharmacy clean room and isotope clean room conditions (pressure difference, temperature, relative humidity, particles) with TempNet® solution.   

We are obliged to monitor temperatures and identify exceptions. Automated monitoring reduces the workload and gives us peace of mind. We have been able to get e.g. humidity problems under control with continuous monitoring." 

Jouni Asikainen 

Pharmacist | Southern Savonia Social and Health Care Services (ESSOTE)

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