Enjoy Peace of Mind wiht Continuous Temperature Monitoring in Warehouses and Storage Facilities

Automatic monitoring for all size warehouses and storage facilities 

  • Wireless sensors can be fixed anywhere

Automatic alarms enable immediate corrections  

  • SMS or email

Easy visibility & reporting from cloud interface

  • Real-time data in dashboard
  • Stores all temperature records

Option to expand with humidity, CO2 or energy consumption measurement

Eliminate manual work in warehouse monitoring


  • Peace of mind
  • Product safety & quality
  • Eliminate manual work

Customer Success Story

Automatic temperature monitoring customer: KWH Freeze


KWH Freeze wanted better visibility into both storage and transportation conditions, as well as providing route and geolocation information. 

After adopting Sensire’s solution, KWH has gained real-time visibility into their temperature data. The system has benefited them in saved time and expenses. Data transparency additionally makes communicating with customers easier, improves business relations and increases overall returns. 

KWH Freeze
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