Complete solution for monitoring temperature-controlled transportation 

Automatic temperature monitoring with IoT technology

Digital Temperature Monitoring 

Wireless & easy to set up sensors
Continuous measurements in transportation
All data available online

Manage by exception with the help of automatic condition alarms

Intelligent Alarms 

Alarm escalation on deviations
Get notified on email or SMS
Set correct alarm receivers according to time of day

Monitor transportation events and real-time temperatures with your smart phone

Smart Apps 

Monitor and verify product temperaturs in real-time
Log transportation events like packing, pick-up & drop-off

Ensure correct transportation condition on land, sea and air  Up-to-date info on shipped products eliminates guesswork and uncertainty Minimize the risk of product spoilage and expedite receiving inspections


The solution is designed to benefit your business if you operate in: 

3rd Party Logistics

Road/Rail/Sea/Air Transportation

Pharmacy Chains

Medical Laboratories


Temperature-Controlled Packaging 



Customer Success Story

Transportation monitoring customer: KWH Freeze


“KWH Freeze wanted better visibility into both storage and transportation conditions, as well as providing route and geolocation information. 

After adopting Sensire’s solution, KWH has gained real-time visibility into their temperature data. The system has benefited them in saved time and expenses. Data transparency additionally makes communicating with customers easier, improves business relations and increases overall returns.” 

KWH Freeze
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