Get Visibility Into Transportation Temperatures From Boxes to Trucks

Wireless temperature monitoring in real time or data logging version

Reusable devices with years of battery life

Automatic alarms enable immediate corrections  

  • SMS or email

Cloud UI for easier monitoring and reporting 

  • Visualized measurement data in dashboard
  • Complete temperature records

Simple verification of correct transportation temperatures

Eco-friendly reusable sensors

Customer Success Story

Digital temperature monitoring customer: Islab 


ISLAB’s is the primary laboratory services provider in Eastern Finland. Their sample collection happens in many different locations, while testing is handled by central laboratories. The process requires careful monitoring, because sample transportation must be concluded within a certain timeframe and temperatures to ensure the viability of the samples.  

After introducing wireless sensors, validating sample transport temperatures upon arrival is faster compared to USB loggers. Continuous data also helps recognize problem hotspots in processes. Through improved transparency, better process optimization and standardization has become possible. This ultimately leads to better ensured sample integrity and less waste. 

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