Track Meal and Food Service Deliveries on Batch Level

Easy tracking with a smart mobile app

  • Barcode support to log pick-ups and deliveries 
  • SMS or e-mail to customer or other preset receiver on delivery
  • Optional monitoring for transportation temperatures

Use for:

  • Batch tracking
  • Delivery tracking
  • Home deliveries


  • Better visibility to food tracking
  • Easier recalls in case of trouble

More efficient and targeted recalls


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Customer Success Story

Delivery tracking customer: Polkka 


Polkka delivers meals to around 700 customers in Joensuu and Liperi. The customers of this home delivery service are elderly people living alone. The idea behind the delivery tracking system is to let the customer’s next of kin know that the meal delivery has been successful, which lessens their worry over a loved one.  

The system sends an e-mail to the next of kin, when the delivery driver logs the delivery completed by reading a barcode at the customer’s home. This also leaves a record in Sensire’s system with the date & time oo delivery. 

Polkka Oy  
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