Digital IoT Solution Offers Continuous Monitoring for Time Savings and Peace of Mind 

Save time with automatic monitoring of all fixed temperature units

  • Stores
  • Cold rooms
  • Fridges
  • Freezers/Coolers
  • Cold counters
  • Holding cabinets
  • Ovens
  • Washing machines

Prevent waste with automatic alerts on wrong temperatures

  • SMS or email

Easy visibility & reporting from cloud interface

  • Real-time data in dashboard 
  • Stores all temperature records 
  • Info screen support


  • Peace of mind
  • Cost & time savings
  • Food safety compliance

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Customer Success Story

Automatic temperature monitoring customer: YLVA 


Of course this shows in a concrete way what is happening. So, if we’re talking about a cooling cabinet or a freezer for instance, if there’s a sensor in there, then that gives a whole different approach to monitoring.  

And then, when you have alarms set up, you get a notification to help you make sure a freezer won’t just melt. For instance, we have these sites that remain closed for longer periods and with those alarms we can react directly if something was to happen. It also gives faster and clearer access to root causes.” 

Paula Korhonen

 Operations Manager | YLVA

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