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The Cost of Waste

Breaks in the pharmaceutical cold chain create costs that can be calculated in both money and lives. To ensure patient safety, the regulatory authorities demand ever better temperature monitoring and quality assurance. Consequently, many corporations are getting better at spotting defective pharmaceuticals before they get used.

An even better way would be to actively prevent the spoiling process itself. With the quality problems cost being 25%-35% of total sales revenue, real time monitoring capabilities that enable preventative actions can be a truly valuable asset.

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Ensure the Safety of your Cold Chain

TempNet® solution offer real-time temperature monitoring for the pharmaceutical cold chain, making it possible to recognize breaches in temperature conditions and actively combat spoilage. Sensire TempNet® solution for Intelligent Cold Chain ensures that healthcare facilities get GxP compliant end-to-end visibility to all their cold chain temperature data.

Being able to prevent spoilage and transparently prove the safety of pharmaceuticals gives strong competitive advantage to those service providers that implement real-time data solutions. Wireless sensors for the pharma supply chain make validating cold chain temperatures effortless and save time. Providing information to the authorities will also become much easier through TempNet® Cloud.

From Temperature Maintenance to Intelligent Cold Chain

Just monitoring temperature to find past errors is a wasteful way of doing things. Intelligent cold chain provides real-time information and alarms, giving the opportunity to prevent spoilage before it happens.

Cloud-based Sensire TempNet® is a GxP compliant temperature monitoring system with real-time data from wireless cold chain sensors and a customizable interface for data access. It can provide complete visibility to your cold chain temperatures anywhere, anytime.

TempNet® solutions can be used everywhere in the cold chain from transportation to facilities, so no part of the chain needs to be unmonitored. Stop unnecessary waste, take advantage of an Intelligent Cold Chain.

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Sensire TempNet® is a complete solution for the temperature-controlled pharma supply chain. All TempNet® -products are based on a modular cloud platform, which ensures access and availability to real-time temperature data throughout the whole logistics chain.

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