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Global Industry, Global Problems

The food industry has gone global, which means longer transportation distances. But while centralized services may be more cost-effective in processing, longer transportation times mean more costs in the form of increasing amounts of food waste.

After-the-fact cold chain monitoring can ensure food safety, but has no way of preventing spoilage while it is happening. The last mile in the growing e-grocery business also needs to ensure the quality of the products delivered, as consumer demand for transparency will only grow.

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Ensure the Safety of your Cold Chain

Sensire TempNet® is a real time, end-to-end temperature monitoring system for the cold chain that helps you reduce waste and ensure quality. From transportation to production to storage, the TempNet® solution has the answer to your temperature and condition monitoring needs.

The TempNet® service provides continuous monitoring that incorporates smart alarms. This allows the taking of timely corrective actions if problems arise. It also gives you considerable competitive advantage over those service providers who must deal with damaging product recalls and expensive waste – or in the worst-case scenario, harm to the consumer.

From Temperature Maintenance to Intelligent Cold Chain

Just monitoring temperature data to find past errors is a wasteful way of doing things. Intelligent cold chain provides real-time information and alarms, giving the opportunity to prevent spoilage before it happens.

Cloud-based Sensire TempNet® is a cold chain monitoring system with wireless sensors and customizable interface for data access. It can provide complete visibility to your cold chain temperatures anywhere, anytime.

TempNet® solutions can be used everywhere in the cold chain from transportation to facilities, so no part of the chain needs to be unmonitored. Stop unnecessary waste, take advantage of an Intelligent Cold Chain.

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Sensire TempNet® is a complete solution for temperature controlled logistics. All TempNet® -products are based on modular cloud platform, which ensures access and availability to real-time temperature data throughout the whole logistics chain.

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Arla Oy

“TempNet® provides us uninterrupted monitoring of real-time temperatures in storing and transporting dairy goods; this is a perfect tool to verify our quality. 

In addition to temperature monitoring, it was also important for us to get route information for our refrigerated vehicles. Integrating the information into our system has streamlined our operations, as well as speeding up processes.

Veli-Tapani Perälä, Distribution Manager, Arla Oy

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