Blood Transportation

Long Distances, Demanding Temperatures

Increasing specialization and centralization in health and welfare services mean transportation distances get longer and more demanding. At the same time there is ever more pressure on making logistics more transparent and cost-effective.

Blood transportation in particular faces the challenge of varying temperature demands for different blood products. All this creates a need for a cold chain monitoring system that can make sure both blood products and samples travel and get stored safely in correct temperatures.

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Cold Chain Safety Ensured

The topmost thing on any blood transportation provider’s mind should always be patient safety. Sensire TempNet® solution for Intelligent Cold Chain ensures that healthcare facilities get real-time access to their cold chain temperature data. This also assures GxP compliance.

Improved temperature monitoring capabilities with real-time visibility and smart alarms allow corrective actions, leading to reduced waste and better cost efficiency. Additionally, checking each blood bag and sample vial takes time. Wireless sensors and data loggers make validating cold chain temperatures effortless, saving you time.

Ultimately all this means better patient safety and reduced costs.

From Temperature Maintenance to Intelligent Cold Chain

Just monitoring temperature to find past errors is a wasteful way of doing things. Intelligent cold chain provides real-time information and alarms, giving the opportunity to prevent spoilage before it happens.

Cloud-based Sensire TempNet® is a GxP compliant monitoring system with wireless cold chain sensors and customizable interface for data access. It can provide complete visibility to your cold chain temperatures anywhere, anytime.

TempNet® solutions can be used everywhere in the cold chain from transportation to facilities, so no part of the chain needs to be unmonitored. Stop unnecessary waste, take advantage of an Intelligent Cold Chain.

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Blood cold chain monitoring solution outline | Sensire TempNet®

Sensire TempNet® is a complete solution for temperature controlled logistics. All TempNet® -products are based on TempNet® Cloud, a cold chain logistics software platform, which ensures access and availability to real-time temperature data throughout the whole logistics chain.

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Case Finnish Red Cross | Customers

Finnish Red Cross, Blood Service

"We provide Finnish hospitals with various blood products for treating patients. Our services also comprise recruiting blood donors, organising blood donation, collecting blood and testing the donated blood. All donated blood is transported to Helsinki, where whole blood is separated into red cells, platelets and plasma. From there we deliver blood products to our customers in Finland. 

Both whole blood and blood products' transportation requires 100% controlled conditions. In Finland, an obligatory monitoring period for blood cells and platelets is year round, and for donated blood from November to March. Thanks to modern technology we can carry out monitoring effortlessly for all our deliveries year round." 

Ari Hemminki, Production Manager, Finnish Red Cross, Blood Service

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