Food Cold Chain

Temperature monitoring in food logistics

The food industry of today utilizes global resourcing and fast freight connections to achieve cost-effectiveness in operations. As a result of centralized services, more prefabricated and ready-made cold and hot dishes are transported increasingly long distances, or food is transported across the globe to be processed. Consumers are also learning to utilize online food ordering services at home. 

How to ensure that transported food is safe? 

The food industry needs automated and reliable tools to monitor the transportation temperature and duration for the growing global volumes. Traditionally, temperature monitoring for vehicles, terminals and transportation boxes has been done with separate systems. The problems caused by temperature exceptions create inefficient process management and quality control, which leads to plenty of unnecessary work between customers and suppliers. 

From temperature maintenance to intelligent cold chain  

TempNet® Food Cold Chain

Sensire TempNet® is a complete solution for temperature controlled logistics. All TempNet® -products are based on modular cloud platform, which ensures access and availability to real-time temperature data throughout the whole logistics chain.

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