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Finnish Red Cross

Finnish Red Cross, Blood Service

"We provide Finnish hospitals with various blood products for treating patients. Our services also comprise recruiting blood donors, organising blood donation, collecting blood and testing the donated blood. All donated blood is transported to Helsinki, where whole blood is separated into red cells, platelets and plasma. From there we deliver blood products to our customers in Finland. 

Both whole blood and blood products' transportation requires 100% controlled conditions. In Finland, an obligatory monitoring period for blood cells and platelets is year round, and for donated blood from November to March. Thanks to modern technology we can carry out monitoring easily for all our deliveries your round." 

Ari Hemminki, Production Manager, Finnish Red Cross, Blood Service

Arla Ingman

Arla Ltd

“TempNet® provides us uninterrupted monitoring of real-time temperatures in storing and transporting dairy goods; this is a perfect tool to verify our quality. 

In addition to temperature monitoring, it was also important for us to get also the transportation departure and arrival times regarding our refrigerated vehicles. We also integrated information into our system, enabling totally new level of operations and process development.”

Veli-Tapani Perälä, Distribution Manager, Arla Ingman Oy Ab

Wihuri Ltd

Wihuri Ltd

"TempNet® helps us to ensure that the temperatures in our cold rooms and freezers stay within the set thresholds. If something goes wrong, a text message is sent to our staff's mobile phones and then they can react in good time. 

We are able to reduce the amounts of food waste, when corrective actions are done in time. Monitoring also helps to identify the problems in the refrigerators and freezers. Automated reporting is easy for example for the regulatory authorities and we have full access to the system anywhere and anytime; only an Internet connection is needed.”

Jani Rautapuro, Wholesale Manager, Wihuri Oy Aarnio 

City of Joensuu

City of Joensuu

"We produce 3.2 million portions per year for schools, nurseries, hospitals and home care from our 17 production kitchens and 60 catering kitchens. For example, our latest kitchen sends out over 5.000 portions per day. 

We needed transparency and visibility for our most important processes. Our HACCP solution includes automated temperature sensors, mobile app and meal transportation monitoring. Once fully implemented, it will replace paper and pen. Inspectors from Evira (Finnish Food Safety Authority) have continuous access to our data in the cloud service, enabling them to view exception reporting, anytime and anywhere."  

Hannele Portman, Managing Director, Polkka - North Karelia Services Ltd, City of Joensuu

Leijona Catering

Leijona Catering Ltd

´"As today's food service operator, we have more and more increasing responsibility for food safety and risk management, since self-monitoring and HACCP reporting cannot be outsourced. Continuous updating of the HACCP plan and the management of follow-up actions set recurring challenges.

State-of-the-art solutions in self-monitoring are easy to use, smart and wireless. Mass information is easily collected in one place, where we can update it and keep track of operations anywhere and anytime. Automation helps in reminding us of the HACCP task, which minimises human errors in the kitchens. Clear reporting is helpful for long-term analysing and follow-up, and enables us to make corrective actions to the process." 

Sirpa Kurki, Service Manager, Leijona Catering Ltd


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