Struggling with GxP Regulation?

Complying with GxP regulation may seem like an endless struggle. For the wholesale distributor, validating all associated third-party providers with their diverse monitoring solutions takes time and effort. And in the case of third-party transportation and storage providers, they need to make sure their monitoring systems are up to the task. Regulation-required calibration, temperature mapping and other such tasks create needless stress and extra work, and communicating data results can be a hassle. What if it could be a lot easier?

Vaccines and pharmaceuticals need to be monitored during storage and transportation

Monitoring data needs to be stored for an extended period

Ensure Your Compliance

Sensire’s TempNet® GxP is the superior solution for GxP required conditions monitoring whether you need to comply with GMP, GLP or GDP. Our precise and reliable sensors can provide you with the data you require for GxP-compliant operations. The TempNet® system is wireless, so it also enables easy temperature mapping of your facilities and vehicles. With all data securely gathered in the GDocP-compliant TempNet® Cloud platform, you have access to an immutable data record and an unbroken audit trail.

We provide comprehensive monitoring as a service and our solutions are applicable to the whole supply chain, from manufacturing to distribution. This means you never have to worry about having the latest technology and working devices. TempNet® can also be integrated effortlessly with existing systems, so you can use it to harmonize data collection and gain additional benefits from previously acquired solutions. A unified system simplifies processes not only in the ease of attaining GxP compliance, but also in overall data management, risk assessment and transparency among stakeholders.

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