About Us

From the very start of the company we saw the potential of wireless technologies. Ever since then we’ve been focusing on environmental conditions monitoring with an IoT approach - at a time when IoT was only just gaining traction as a term. For the last 10+ years we’ve been developing both our technology and our expertise in our chosen customer industries, innovating solutions for adding value with and to our customers.


Our Expertise

Because the majority of our customers operate in food business and cold chain logistics, we have found our expertise naturally directed towards those industries.

With a deep understanding of customer challenges, market developments and regulatory environment we have been able to identify the most significant developments in the field early on, and therefore adapt and develop our own offering with these in mind.

This has allowed us to lend our know-how to our customers not only in the form of ground-breaking technology but also by helping them implement industry-specific and proven best monitoring practices.

This is a major reason why we have been able to keep at the leading edge of the industry and position ourselves constantly as the forerunner in the field.


Our Offer

We know that many people are wary of new digital technologies. That is why we want to make sure that what we offer is the correct solution to the customer challenge, and the users get the most out of the system with the least possible disruptions to their daily business.

Because we have been developing our patented monitoring technology with the cold chain in mind, it is outstandingly rugged and works in the most extreme environments while still being unobtrusive.

And in the food sector, our deep understanding of customer processes has helped us deliver groundbreaking solutions for ensuring food safety and quality.

But more than anything we take pride in being able to offer full-service solutions that help the customer from the outset. This includes consultation on customer needs, system mapping, installation help where needed, full maintenance and customer life cycle support on use.

This is why we have been able to create actual solutions to actual real-world problems for over ten years, and why our customers want to keep developing their business with Sensire’s help. They know we are the solution that actually works.

ISO Certificates

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We are part of a project funded by EU and CEDTE


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