Moving Towards an Intelligent Cold Chain

Sensire Ltd. is a Finnish high technology company, designing and implementing solutions for temperature controlled logistics. Over the last ten years, our wireless temperature monitoring solutions have helped hundreds of our customers enhance their business.

Today, the industry is talking about the Internet of Things, wireless systems and automatic warnings. We would add to these the concept of real-time data, and how much added value it can generate in many temperature-sensitive processes. In our vision, there is almost no end to the uses the measurement data can be put to.

But technology, no matter how good, is ultimately a tool. Working alongside our customers, we aim to provide them with accurate data, leading to better understanding of processes and concrete benefits for their business. Through constant innovation of our own services and business models, we also strive to make adapting new technology simpler for our customers.

With the accessibility of real-time data and solutions tailored to the customers’ needs, we believe that the industry is now moving past simple temperature maintenance and towards an intelligent cold chain.

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ISO 9001


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