From temperature maintenance to an intelligent cold chain

Sensire Ltd. is a Finnish high technology company, designing and implementing solutions for temperature controlled logistics. As a forerunner in wireless temperature monitoring, we have been innovating the future of the industry. Over the last ten years, hundreds of customers have witnessed our know-how transforming their businesses.

Today, the industry is talking about IoT, wireless systems and automatic warnings. Even though novel today, real-time temperature data will become a commodity that everyone has, just like the Internet is today. In such a world, the question is how the data is transformed into operational benefits. We see ourselves as partners to our customers in transforming the real-time data to understanding and that leads to next level business benefits.

The leap in productivity is not only about technology. It’s about how the organisation can utilise it. Therefore, we constantly look for new ways to innovate the service and business models in order to make technology adaptation easier for our customers.

We believe that the discussion in the industry will move from temperature maintenance to an intelligent cold chain.

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ISO 9001


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