Quality & Efficiency in Cold Chain Logistics: Can You Have Both?

Apr 30, 2019 1:00:00 PM | Dirk Wilke

Global visibility in cold chain logistics

Let’s face it – it’s not always easy to make sure your supply chain functions in the most efficient way possible. This can be due to a number of reasons. Sometimes you get affected by freak natural phenomenon. Other times there can be a sudden rise in demand for transportation and you are left with insufficient shipping capacity. These and other similar problems you can’t really stop, because they have to do with big global patterns, which you just have to adapt to.

But sometimes you could prevent disruptions to your supply chain if you only knew what was happening. In cold chain conditions these kinds of disruptions are often temperature excursion or other sudden deviations from you standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Now, being able to prevent these would almost without exception require adding extra monitoring processes to your already pretty full list of SOPs. And it’s not that simple to decide what is the right amount of visibility to implement that would allow you to spot the disruptions but wouldn’t put too much time or trouble into the monitoring activities themselves.

It’s the never-ending struggle to maintain efficiency while delivering best quality products in a changing logistics environment. So, for the next few weeks we’ll be talking about what are the capabilities of current solutions to answer the quality-efficiency challenge, and is there a solution that would be able to deliver both without costing the proverbial arm and a leg?

Part 1: How to Get Globally Compliant in Cold Chain Logistics?

Part 2: Is Real-Time or Retroactive Visibility Better for Your Cold Chain?

Part 3: Is Compliant the Same as High Quality?

Part 4: How Can It Be More Efficient to Add More Processes?

Part 5: Can You Afford A Real-Time Visibility Solution?

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Dirk Wilke
Dirk Wilke

Sales Director Europe

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